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London Dog Trainers

  1. Do you do home visits

    Yes we do and also saturdays & sundays

  2. Do you deal with all types of dogs

    Yes we have extensive knowledge regarding most breeds of canines from working dogs to pet dogs

  3. How do i stop my dog attacking other dogs

    This scenario can be for a number of reasons so its best to ring so we can find out what type of dog you have and also ask some other questions and we can help you from there

  4. What makes you an expert

    I have extensive knowledge regarding animal behaviour & training and spent many yrs working with various breeds to get a well rounded knowledge in the many different traits and behaviours in various breeds of dogs.

    I have also worked & trained with some of the most respected canine trainers in the world gaining various skills over my time as a dog practitioner and I am now highly accredited in my profession, as well as being an approved Instructor for NASDU I am also a Master Dog Trainer with the Guild Of Dog Trainers as well as a MBIPDT & WtKCAI and approved trainer for the Kennel Club GCDS from Puppy Fooundation up to Gold awards. .

  5. Can you advise me on which dog to choose

    Yes of course we can but first take a look through our site there is some great information that will help you decide

  6. I live in a flat which dog should i get

    This is a common question we get, every instance is different so we will talk about your home & your needs and the needs of the dog you are thinking of choosing so you make an informed decision

  7. Is it expensive to hire you to help with my dog

    We are very competitive in our pricing as we would rather consider the dogs wellfare this is our passion, just give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you regarding both yours and your dogs requirements it is cheaper to come and train at our club than it is to come to you.

  8. Could we meet at a chosen destination say a park near my home

    Yes this is very much encouraged as we can see your dog interact with other dogs and other people so we can then see any behavioural problems first hand.

  9. Do you help with older dogs

    Yes a dog is never too old to learn new things and they can respond to training quickly

  10. Do you train puppies

    Yes we do just make sure they are not weaned from their mothers too soon

  11. Do You Train Aggressive Dogs

    Yes I do as I have extensive training & knowledge in this particular field as I train security dogs as well as IPO high drive dogs and I am an approved Instructor for NASDU as well as a KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor)

  12. What Kind of results can I expect

    It varies from breed to breed and also the task you are asking of both the dog and the dog owner but you will only get out of your dog the effort you put in so when I give you homework and exercises to do at home and you do not do them dont expect your dog to progress

  13. What should I do when I first get my dog

    Firstly check its health by taking him to your nearest vet you should keep this number to hand in case of emergencys, also this might sound crazy but get down on their level and look around to see if there is anything that may harm or injure them prevention is better than a cure and just let your dog just settle in for the first few weeks and dont push them.

  14. My dog won't listen to me

    Yes he will you just need some guidance and it will come give us a call and we can help you resolve the problem ,never shout or scare your dog as this will only make them fearfull or even snappy

  15. My Dog Looks ill

    Get him or her to your nearest vet you should have this number on your phone or somewhere near to hand for emergencys

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