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Quotes Hi I have no hesitation in recommending Michael he was recommended by another trainer who could not deal with Max as he was being overly aggressive towards everything and everyone,so on our first conversation Michael said bring him over which i did the following evening to his house Michael didnt say much for the first 15 mins and just watched what me and Max were doing which at first i thought strange it was only then after he pointed out several things i was doing was making Max worse for instance i had the wrong type of collar on him and had no way of checking him and then Michael proceeded to take Max off me which gave me a cold sweat in case he bit him but Michaels confidence with Max was quite something to watch and it was like a different dog in his hands,we then sat down while Michael asked Max history ,where i got him (he was imported) this then proceeded to show me Max in fact was more a sports /working dog than a pet and showed me what Max was breed for now Max is happy :) Quotes
Terry Foster
Behavioural (Max being overly aggressive)

Quotes I found Samantha very knowledgeable as my staffordshire bull terrier constantly chewed my furniture and licked everyone that came into our home after speaking to her she visited for several hrs and after studying our dog she gave me some great advice & tips and has been a contant source of info since, i cant thank you enough and 3 months on things have vastly improved,if you need advice about anything to do with your best friend Samantha is who i would choose,keep up the good work and all the best in your career Quotes
My Dog Is Chewing My Furniture

Quotes London Dog Trainers were very helpfull after speaking to a lady called samantha she knew exactly how to deal with my dogs barking she came round spent about 2 hrs with us and gave us some great tips & advice i would definitely recommend samantha a very nice lady Quotes
Dog Barking Constantly

Quotes Samantha was brilliant we decided to get two german shephards for our yard and didnt know where to start regarding training them when she turned up at our yard in se london we thought she is very young but soon dismissed any doubts on seeing her with our dogs 12 weeks later they are completely different and now respond really well to the commands Samantha taught us and just by changing the gestures of our hands & the tones of our voices done wonders ,she is highly Accredited to CFBA standards and is an Advanced training instructor and its easy to see why,i would personally recommend her services and a very nice young lady as well Quotes
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